Blog on NC Park Cabins? Why?

I have started this blog to help others who may be interested in purchasing a Park Model (also called Park Cabins or Park Trailers or Park Homes) and placing them somewhere in the state of North Carolina.  This is a result of many, many hours of research and meetings with government officials to determine just how this new “hybrid” version of a recreational vehicle (RV) and mobile home will be handled in our state, from zoning to taxation to insurance guidelines.

I have developed a passion for these tiny recreational homes and the potential uses and applications when extra quarters are needed on a temporary basis.  Because I am also a freelance writer by trade, when my head fills up with information on a topic, I MUST write about it.

Please keep checking back.  I plan to write about the following topics:

- What is a Park Cabin/Park Model/Park Trailer?

- Leased Lots versus Deeded Lots 

Which Is Best for your NC Park Model?

- What is a Land Condominium?

- What is a Property Owner’s Association?

What to Consider When Selecting a Site for your NC Park Trailer

- RV or Mobile Home?

How Your North Carolina Park Home Initial Purchase will be Taxed

How Your North Carolina Park Model will be Taxed Annually

Which Insurance Companies WILL and WILL NOT Insure a NC Park Cabin?

- North Carolina Park Cabin Locations 

NC Campgrounds and NC RV Parks that will allow your Park Home

- Freight Costs and Considerations for your NC Park Cabin

- How to Distinguish Between Park Model Manufacturers and Park Model Dealers

A List of NC Park Cabin Manufacturers With Product Reviews

A List of NC Park Cabin Dealers With Product Reviews

Stay tuned for these and other topics…

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